Why Choose Us

Whether you are purchasing sheds to sell on, or buying for your housing or refurb project you need to be sure that you are getting the very best products that reflect well on your commercial reputation.

Atlas Sheds are the perfect choice Simply because we aim to offer unparalleled quality, affordability and service.


All our timber is sourced from the very best of Europe and Russian Timber Suppliers. We import directly and our chosen suppliers must meet our stringent specifications, one of which is to ensure sustainability. Our timber will be either FSC, PEFC, or the equivalent country specific certification, meaning that the forests that the timber has been grown has been well managed and most importantly replaced.

We only use Kiln Dried Tongue and Groove, Pine or Spruce, cladding. This includes the roof and floor. We will not use overlap, MDF or OSB in our sheds meaning you only ever receive a product that will last and last.


Our ethos has always been to offer our customers value products.

By “Value” we don’t mean poor quality at a cheap price. Value means to get a good product at less than you would have expected to pay. While there is truth in the expression ” You get what you pay for ” we have built our reputation on the  ” You get more than what you pay for ” philosophy. Atlas Sheds originally started as company focused solely on retailing directly to the public. As we didn’t want problems or complaints we went the extra mile to ensure that, while still competitively priced, our sheds were simply better than those available at similar prices. A philosophy that certainly paid off as we rapidly became the largest shed manufacturer in the North West UK.

Our ethos has not changed. We still aim to offer the very best quality at a good price. A price that allows you to re-sell our products at a competitive price, while allowing for a very handsome mark up. Or If you are purchasing for your housing project – at a price that will benefit your bottom line.


Reputation is everything. We know we offer Great Products at Great Prices, but that means nothing if we don’t back it up with actions.

Your Promises are our Promises. Order from Atlas Sheds and you can be sure that you will get what you want exactly when you want it. If we make a promise we keep it. That means a lot when you are promising your customers delivery dates, or are building to exacting handover schedules.

We are so confident of our reputation we will provide you with any of our clients contact details on request for reference.

We also aim to be flexible, so if you cant find what you are looking for and need a bespoke product we aim to be able to make it for you.

We will work with you to arrange achievable delivery schedules and as we know that business doesn’t stop at 5pm we offer a fantastic enquiry reply service with the ability to call or email us for advice at any time of the day or night

Sounds like we are perfect. Well we aim to be, but even with the best intentions, sometimes we may get it wrong. On these very rare occasions, if we do, we will put it right and put it right fast. Our goal to build lasting working relationships after all Good business is when every party involved succeeds, and by choosing Atlas Sheds as your shed supplier your on the right track.

To enquire about any of our products, get a quote or discuss your options please complete the Enquiry form